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  • What is title insurance? Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects your financial investment when purchasing a property.  Insurance Premiums are a one-time fee paid to the underwriter at closing.  The insurance is purchased by a property purchaser to protect them from loss in the event the seller did not own or had a title defect in the property at the time of closing.

  • Why do I need title insurance? Title insurance is recommended as it protects you from previously unreported liens, forged transfers of ownership, errors in the recording of documents, and many other defects which could exist.

  • What does title insurance cost? Title insurance price varies depending on the purchase price of the property.  Please contact us for a full closing costs quote today at 724-742-1805.

  • Do I need to get it, if my lender purchases title insurance? Yes, we recommend all buyers purchase title insurance for the full purchase price as the lender’s policy covers the lender’s interest and some defects can surpass the lender’s financial interest in the property.

  • What should I bring to closing? Please bring a current form of government issued photo identification and if you are required to bring money to the closing, a certified check in the amount we will discuss prior to closing.

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